Soul Trust Records started as a small seed. It grew and developed over time through many different stages. It's founders Jason phatz kirkman, and Adrianne Novakane Bacon started out in a group called Jhunippuz. During this stage the two were merely hip hop artists.  The group was known for its exceptional lyrical ability and MC skills. Jhunippuz  had several members. Sometimes as many as seven. Being Jhunippuz members is where Phatz and Novakane gained the ability to make music with others and to get along with lots of different kinds of personalities.

Jhunippuz prevailed during a time in which even commercial hip hop was very strong.  Back then, it wasnt uncommon to turn on the radio and hear a real hip hop song by the likes of The Fugees or even De La Soul. There was lots of variety.  This gave underground hip hoppers like Jhunippz hope that  they could one day sign to the majors without being asked to sell out or change too much.  Jhunippuz had constant brushes with commercial success however for one reason or another it never quite happened.

Meanwhile, commercial hip hop underwent a serious decline in quality and morality. Elementary rhyme flows, effeminate fashions, and a basic overturning of all things sacred marked an era where everyone seemed to just stop caring. This attitude eventually trickled down to the underground. Leading many local musicians to become disenchanted as they watched Hip Hop change seemingly overnight. Some emcees altered the way they flowed to suit the times. Others stopped rhyming all together and pursued other ambitions. Jhunippuz was also negatively affected. The group never officially disbanded, but productivity did decrease among them.  Some members kept making music but only really for the love of doing it.

Jhunippuz was one large group made up of many smaller groups. One of those groups was The Rubber Peeple, which is comprised of Sirius B\Phatz and Novakane Omega. Following a brief Hiatus the couple decided to continue making music as "Jhunippuz presents: The Rubber Peeple". The duo was always called The Rubber Peeple except this time around they decided to really make some moves under that name. This was around 2007.

The couple recorded and released their first LP entitled Truth To Power. All while conceiving and giving birth to their two children. Just as it had always been, making strong music came easily to The Rubber Peeple.  And just like with Jhunippuz, the duo had various opportunities to go deeper into the industry. But by now all fantasies about the glitz and glamour of industry life had faded. The music industry was rapidly evolving into something else.

People were using their phones in place of CD and DVD players. The Rubber Peeple began producing their own music and videos from home and using free websites to publish them. They tried to take full advantage of this new technological shift. They began collecting all sorts of studio equipment and producing everything from their bedroom at home. Editing their own music and videos and running their own website. Other well respected underground musicians also recorded projects in the Rubber Peeple's Studio.  They called their studio "Mu-Atlantis Soul Trust".  The Rubber Peeple not only recorded various artist's music, they also helped them build their brands and establish themselves.  In addition, they developed various outlets by which other local musicians good gain more exposure.

One avenue they created to help build up the local music scene is the "Native Tribes Show" on Rubber People Radio. This is a podcast that features only up and coming Underground musicians affectionately called "Natives" by The Rubber Peeple. Another vehicle for music and information they created is called Hard Knock University. HKU would eventually become the educational arm of Soul Trust Records. The Rubber Peeple use HKU as a means to teach and entertain through a series of video blogs.

Due to these contributions, The Rubber Peeple began gaining more support from hard-hitting locals around the Hampton Roads area. As Novakane Omega became more savvy as an engineer, Phatz became a better businessman and PR guy.  Eventually, after building a mini recording booth in their bedroom, and releasing the "Native Faces" project overseas through Sergent Records, The Rubber Peeple decided to make it authentic.  They officially became Soul Trust Records at the start of 2016.

They wanted Soul Trust to be run differently than traditional labels.  They had access to the most major talent in the area, but not alot of money to throw around.  Realizing this, they decided to set Soul Trust up more like an Association, where artists pay monthly dues into one big pot that is used toward the general benefit of Soul Trust.  They also wanted provide and nurture a network through which STR Artists could promote and empower themselves without all the stress.  STR was thus designed to work at whatever pace each artist works- allowing them the freedom to make whatever kind've music they desire.  As opposed to the traditional "slave - slavemaster" relationship that most labels practice.

The Village model upon which Soul Trust Records operates immediately attracted many different kinds of artists, some seasoned, some padawan.  Some poets and emcees, some singers and producers.  By mid 2016, the label had signed 20 plus artists, with many more standing outside the gates, waiting for a chance to enter.  The future looks mightly bright as Soul Trust Records stares down that path to success!


Soul Trust Records begins first as fans, librarians and connoisseurs of great music. I’m sure most of the great musicians were fans that immersed themselves in sounds that influenced them to discover their life’s calling. We want to contribute to that lineage of sound that we as music scientist will never forget once heard. Our bar has been set at the creation of classics; songs that stand the test of time.

Soul Trust Records is a musical movement designed by a people’s choice to give and receive good vibrations. We are here to help provide the perfect soundtrack of substantial music for the future.

Our goal is to create a new sound in the genres we exercise. We will authenticate and originate new styles in music. We look at the creation of music as an art form that is respected by us as artists who have the knowledge, culture and experience to express a sound for the ages. We have established ourselves as a hub that has been a boundless resource of talent put into a network of gifted professionals. Our village concept has created an environment that will enrich an artists’ mode of making songs.

We don’t make music for the industry. We make music for the people. A fan’s favorite artist could at times be the most influential person in their lives. We take pride knowing that we have a sound with the welfare of our listeners as a responsibility.

We give thanks for our talents and the attention that’s paid to us for our efforts in music production. We hope that one day we can move your soul with a positive vibration, Welcome to true music. Welcome to Soul Trust Records.

Some people make music. We are music.