Antagonist Dragonspit is an emcee/producer from the Hampton Roads or Tidewater Area of Virginia.  Hampton Roads is home to some of the greatest producers in the history of hip hop, namely, Timbaland, Nottz, The Neptunes, Bink, Danjahands, Teddy Riley, Missy Elliott, etc.  Antagonist hopes to follow in their footsteps, making his mark on the music scene, both locally and internationally.  This will be done with the support of his production team, The Better Beat Bureau, spearheaded by DJ Disko Dave, DJ Vex, Know Talent, J Clyde, and The Ologist.

As a producer, Antagonist has worked with hundreds of artist, mostly underground.  Some of the more notable artists to bless his tracks were​: Cory Gunz, Bizarre (D12), Yung Won (ATL), Mood (Ohio), Wu-Syndicate(VA), Trigger tha Gambler (NY) and Teisha Marie (MD).  As an emcee, Antagonist has been known as a skilled freestyler and battle rapper.  



On March 13th, we went on Spring Break but we didn't return to school the following week, due to a global pandemic. The nation was gripped with fear as people across the world perished from a virus called COVID-19. As a result, state governments issued 'stay at home' orders and encouraged people to quarantine themselves. This was the only way to prevent the spread of the disease, since there was no cure. During the quarantine, I passed much of the time by making beats on my laptop. Many of the beats on this project were made during the quarantine, but I included a few that I already had in the stash. My goal was to sample as little as possible, but I still flipped a couple on these tracks.


the wreckage beat tape.jpg

These are some of the last beats I made on Reason 5 before the crash. I programmed most of them using my M-Audio Keystation 49. On some of them, particularly the boom bap beats, I used the Akai MPD18. When paired with some of the samplers in Reason, the MPD works almost exactly like an MPC 2000, one of my favorite samplers. Speaking of samples, only four of the beats contain samples. The rest are original compositions. I tried to include a range of different sounds in this beat selection, but it is still obvious where my heart lies. I hope you all enjoy The Wreckage. All of your support and feedback is welcome.