In an effort to change lanes in Hip-Hop, The Rubber Peeple wanted to familiarize the world with diversity in rap music. Instead of “making it hot”, they decided to bring that boom-bap aspect to a simmer. Looking for a more mature sound in Hip-Hop may not seem like a good idea to most, but if you’re into braking barriers searching for something different then The Rubber Peeple’s third effort Journey To The Green Pyramid is the project for you.

Think about it. A rap album you can sit back and chill to. It has beats with a warm and jazzy objective. The production was done by none other than the underground heavyweights The Cockroach Click. They supplied “Journey To the Green Pyramid” with oven roasted tones that reminds us that rap music is an art-form. The tracks were slowly cooked with a warm- aggressive tones.

The Rubber Peeple did not let down those who know what to expect from them.  Their seasoned, specialized formula of raw and innovative choice words brings a sigh of relief to those who require substance in their music. They found a refreshing way to touch on topics like the woes of employment or the pressures of college. It’s not every day you find honest lyrics well fashioned to relate to the everyday man and woman.

Journey To the Green Pyramid has a timeless sound that can be heard as nostalgic but designed for the future. It has a sound that makes you feel as though The Rubber Peeple are thoughtful of their listeners. They keep their ears to the streets so that they may not just entertain their fans but also represent them.

This is an album you have to close your eyes to listen to. It’s eloquent and eclectic. It’s strong and soulful. Its easily identified production and mastery of language arts combine to bring an alternative to what you are used to coming from a Hip-Hop duo. Make way for the new way.