MNTLPLX (pronounced as mental plex) stands for a Melodic Neural Transmission Lyrically Parallel (to) Levelz Xnown. Mentally complex with each line, he waste no time with words. MNTLPLX was born from a little kid in Hampton known for his ill beatbox. He emersed himself in all the elements in Hip-Hop, but was inspired to express his poetic ability to move the crowd.


Real recognize real, so he gravitated to a crew of MCs called NoN*a*MeS, today known as Planet Zoron. Opening for artists like N.O.R.E and D.C.'s Backyard Band, he quickly became known for his high adrenaline live shows containing a high dose of lyrical anthems. He developed his talent being one of four talented producers in Planet Zoron.


His music is organic and pure with a gritty mix of hardcore boombap and funk. Musical inspirations include Earth, Wind and Fire, Curtis Mayfield, Bob Marley, A Tribe Called Quest and Outkast to name a few. His interest of music expands to multiple genres, and you can hear jazz, country, R&B, even heavy metal in his songs. That golden age feel with a touch of Z Funk, its easy to feel the energy exerted from headbanging anthems... easy to vibe to... parallel to levels Xnown.

MNTLPLX’s solo debut Fighting Wordz presents a complex return to the hardcore basslines and boom baps of Hip-Hop’s foundation. It’s reminiscent of the warm, but gutter vibe Hip-Hop had back in it’s young adult years. It is truly a breath of fresh Hip-Hop air.


Fighting Wordz is also a mood enhancer. If you’re angry- it’ll fire you up. If you are determined - it will motivate. But most importantly, if you find yourself at odds, it will help you through the fight. If you truly listen to Fighting Wordz- you see that MNTLPLX wants you to win- he’s just giving it to you with a grudge, and holding no punches!