Norfolk, VA natives The Sun Raze are a refreshingly creative vocal duo unlike any other.  2 singers who never considered themselves singers...then out of nowhere - Bam!:  Singing Powers! 


"We were just a couple of emcees who did singing as a hobby. I mean we knew our voices were nice but we never wanted to make a thing out of it. Then we realized it sounded kind've sweet, and that we were letting our gift go to waste.  So we started going ham on the low-low."

Artists who know their secret like to utilize The Sun Raze's voices for all kinds of different reasons.  "As Soul Trust Records session vocalists, we just fill in the blanks. On some swiss army knife. Whatever people need us to do – we do it if we can.  Sometimes we may be asked to write and sing a whole hook, other times we just do adlibs or background vocals."

The duo are like brother and sister.  They are really silly and like to joke around alot.  Lucky for them too, because what started as a joke evolved into something that has become a unique hallmark to their sound:


Coconut music is a special brand of cover music that is made using only vocals and household items. No real instruments are permitted, only pencils, desktop surfaces, mardi gras beads and of course - coconuts! ...Basically whatever you can find lying around your room, that will make a suitable instrument.

They’ve crafted a style of that lends itself more toward vocal instrumentation than plain singing.  "We kinda combined beat boxing and beating on the table but with singing.  It’s fun and it feels good."

Though The Sun Raze love to laugh and play, creating is also a serious affair,  especially when making the coconut music. It’s like building a vocal sculpture from the ground up. Putting in hours upon hours of time, tweeking and tweeking –  trying to get it right.

"Sometimes it all falls right in place. Other times, we have to cut and carve – and then rebuild – maybe even come back another day and try again. It’s a labor of love – that’s just as painstaking as it is therapeutic."

Making coconut music is almost like a form of weight training.  Because it’s all acapella – there’s no pre-recorded music to hide behind. Any the little mistakes – glitches – off notes- you have to go in and make it sound extra tight – like way more than usual.

This is like training in one hundred times gravity. Then when the weights come off – your so confident.



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